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Guaranteed Whiter Teeth

The Ivy Medispa Teeth Whitening guarantees great results, even with heavily stained or discoloured teeth.

For the best results, we recommend a combination of our in-clinic whitening and at-home treatments, which usually involves three visits:

Initial Consultation Appointment:

  • Consultation to check your teeth are suitable and address any concerns or questions you may have.
  • Measurements of the colour of your teeth.
  • Impressions of your teeth to make special whitening trays. Our whitening trays are different to many other systems and are one of the key components in getting such good results.
  • You will receive a special Tooth Serum Toothpaste to use twice a day for two weeks.

Second Visit:

  • Collect your home teeth whitening kit.
  • Demonstration on how to use the whitening gel. You will apply this yourself for 14 consecutive nights!
  • Free desensitising swabs which help reduce any sensitivity during treatment.
  • Continue to use your Tooth serum toothpaste twice a day!

Final visit:

  • 45 minute in-clinic whitening with one of our dentists. Remember to bring your whitening trays with you!
  • To ensure teeth remain at this lovely white bright level. We recommend using the trays once every other month. An extra gel syringe can be purchased which will last around 12 months.

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