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Why You Need Sunscreen Even On Snowy Days

Whilst the whole of the UK has been battling the Beast from the East and Storm Emma this week, the last thing on most peoples mind is sunscreen!

What most people don’t realise however, is that even on a snowy or cloudy day, your skin is still exposed to harmful UVA & UVB rays. Incidental sun exposure – the kind experienced on a daily commute – has a cumulative effect that results in photo ageing (pigmentation, fine lines and sagging skin).

UV rays scatter and reflect at different levels depending on the surface they are hitting. On snow, UV rays not only hit you on their way down, but reflect off the snow and get you again, increasing your UV exposure up to 80%!

Here at The Ivy we believe that it is essential to protect yourself from UVA & UVB rays all year round. The addition of a dedicated broad spectrum (which means both UVA & UVB protection) SPF30 or higher, into your daily skincare regimen is a must no matter what the temperature or weather conditions outside.

We stock high performance broad spectrum SPF from amazing cosmeceutical product ranges such as Skinceuticals and Dermaquest.

Visit the clinic today and one of our highly skilled therapists will be able to advise you on the right sun protection products for you.

Dermaquest and Skinceuticals SPF protection